Assisting you to move forward and stand in your own power, achieving self awareness and greater balance in your life Now!

Roz Lawler is a well known Life Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor, whose life changing seminars, talks and private sessions have empowered thousands of people around Australia and throughout the world.

Her unique gifts as a practitioner and public speaker provide you with the methods and tools you need to enhance your experiences and free yourself to live life fully!
"The difference between dreaming and achieving is having the tools to make life happen and knowing how to use them." Roz Lawler

All sessions now via Phone or Skype

These sessions allow you to experience the same warmth
, encouragement and benefits as if you were in the room with Roz.

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Truth Speaks: Spirit Shares Wisdom in Humour and Light

Truth Speaks is a precise transcript of audio recordings taken at the monthly public gatherings known as A Night With Spirit, previously held in Sydney, Australia.

At these gatherings Roz channelled Beings of Light who shared their wisdom and knowledge with the audience.

The discourses and sharings within this book are timeless, and anyone ready to recognise their right to the peace and freedom that they deserve within, will benefit from this truth with as much clarity as those who were in the audience at A Night With Spirit.

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"I wish I could fully convey to you in a few words the difference that Roz Lawler and her team of guides (and my guides) have made to my life. For the cost of just a few hundred dollars I had a life changing experience with Roz.

I have to say that I really admire Roz's ethics, she has a very special gift and she is very aware of the power that this gift gives her. If you are a person who needs hope, real hope which comes from knowing that you have a purpose in this life, that you are truly loved by your guides who choose to spend their time loving and protecting you, that you are more than just your current set of experiences / circumstances, and that you have the power to change your life, then honour and love yourself enough to have a session with Roz - it will change your life too."

"Thank you! The verbal part of what you do is so important because it helps so much when your thoughts and feelings are accurately acknowledged." B.T. NSW.

"Intellectually I knew what Roz was saying for a while but I needed the emotional clearing to move forward and enable me to go ahead. Feel less burdened and lightened. Thank you." P. W. Hong Kong

"Roz is extremely intuitive, her presence is extremely calming but equally powerful. I feel great!"

"Spot on. Feeling more positive about the birth of my baby! Thanks so much." A.T. NSW

"Thank you. I can feel the difference. It really works. How you knew what had been happening to me is amazing and how to sort it out, and help me to sort it out - life enhancing." J.S. NSW

"The session was great, I was one again, as I was a mess before. I think everyone should have it done." L.R. NSW