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Roz Lawler is a well known Life Empowerment and Spiritual Counsellor, whose life changing seminars, talks and private sessions have empowered thousands of people around Australia and throughout the world.

Her unique gifts as a practitioner and public speaker provide you with the methods and tools you need to enhance your experiences and free yourself to live life fully!
"The difference between dreaming and achieving is having the tools to make life happen and knowing how to use them." Roz Lawler

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"I wish I could fully convey to you in a few words the difference that Roz Lawler and her team of guides (and my guides) have made to my life. For the cost of just a few hundred dollars I had a life changing experience with Roz.

I am a master certified coach and a leadership development specialist with a keen interest in neuroscience and brain theory, and even conventional medical support, my own extensive experience and research and even psychiatric assistance could not assist me effectively in preparing for another operation to have a tumour removed from my head.

My mindset was weak and my self belief very low. I did not believe I would pull through this operation, having recently survived a very acrimonious marriage breakdown, and conquered an initial battle with cancer in 1991. During the session with Roz, I had not only the medical answers that I have been searching for, but also the deep spiritual shifts required for me to overcome this hurdle with ease and grace.

I have to say that I really admire Roz's ethics, she has a very special gift and she is very aware of the power that this gift gives her. If you are a person who needs hope, real hope which comes from knowing that you have a purpose in this life, that you are truly loved by your guides who choose to spend their time loving and protecting you, that you are more than just your current set of experiences/circumstances, and that you have the power to change your life, then honour and love yourself enough to have a session with Roz - it will change your life too."

Josephine Thomson, Australia